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Simulation Lab at PACC Career Centre

Simulation Lab at PACC Career Centre

 Recently I had the opportunity to participate in one of the simulation days with our center’s high fidelity mannequin, which we named Lester, during the LPN Competency 14 (Cardio-Respiratory System).  Every student entered the Simulation Lab with reluctance and uncertainty, yet upon departure, a sense of accomplishment and confidence had overcome them.

 The goal of the day was to familiarize the students with mannequin as well as the taking of vital signs and locating various peripheral pulses.  Students introduced themselves and proceeded with their task at hand.  Each student was presented with a different scenario as the pulse/blood pressure/respirations were increased or decreased on command.  All the while, moans, mumblings and words were expressed by Lester, which facilitated the simulation of caring for a real patient.

Over and over, students couldn’t get over how true to life the experienced turned out to be and how this simulation allowed them to experience so many aspects of what they had been learning in the theory classes in a concrete way.  It all started to make sense!  At the end of the day, both staff and students left with not only a sense of achievement and pride but gratitude for the learning opportunities offered in the health programs at PACC Career Center.

Catherine Ross, Health Lab Tech/ PACC Career Centre

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