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RAC: how Oscar Beltran will get official recognition for his experience and skills

Oscar Beltran Sanchez arrived in Quebec three years ago. He had studied electricity and telecommunications in his country, El Salvador. Oscar knew that electricity and telecommunications have always gone hand in hand and that those who had both skills also had better career opportunities. Oscar had over 30 years of experience in telecommunications. He had worked in all areas of telecommunications operations, maintenance, engineering, planning and in the commercial area of Telcos and telecommunications solutions providers.

Oscar faced a stumbling block once he arrived in Quebec, however. Because his education and experience were not Canadian, he could not find jobs that fit with his expertise and education.

RAC to the rescue

During a visit to a CEGEP fair, he met Pierre Auclair, RAC counsellor. Pierre explained how the RAC program allows candidates to obtain official recognition for professional competencies. This meant that Oscar could receive a vocational diploma for his previous studies and experience.

Being a lifelong learner, Oscar seized the opportunity and enrolled in the RAC process. He has really enjoyed working with the content specialists who have expertly guided him and evaluated his competencies. Content specialists Omid Zohourian and Michael Luciano have expertly guided Oscar and shown him what he needs to do to succeed. Oscar also credits Pierre Auclair with providing not only guidance but also a boost to his self-confidence. He has also been impressed with the tools and academic resources available to him as a RAC candidate.  Oscar appreciates the opportunity to update his skills and procedures to local standards. Having up-to-date skills will ensure that Oscar can find a job that fits with his background.

His family was not surprised to see him pursue RAC since they know how passionate Oscar is about his skills and experience. Going through the process has given Oscar an understanding of Electricity and Telecommunications in Quebec. He feels well equipped to work in the field once his RAC process is completed. He currently has 10 competencies that he needs to have evaluated.

When asked what advice he’d give to someone considering enrolling in RAC, Oscar said, “do not hesitate for a moment.” He added that going through RAC will “improve your knowledge and give you the skills suitable for the Quebec labour market.”

Once he successfully completes RAC, Oscar plans to put his new diploma to good use and get a job in electricity. We wish you all the best, Oscar!

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