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Telecommunications program at PEC: The start of a lucrative career!

Are you dreaming of a career change? Have you set a career goal and now you’re not sure if you can actually follow through? In 2018, Cory Minott was in a similar place. Cory was working as a bookkeeper in the hospitality service industry, at a large hotel. He liked his job, his coworkers and his boss. But, what really made him happy was interacting with the tradespeople who came by the office to perform a variety of tasks: electricians, plumbers, and other trades professionals.

A dream takes flight

Cory’s dream was to become an electrician. Since he was a young boy, he admired tradespeople and he enjoyed working with his hands. He decided to enroll in the Electricity program at the Pearson Electrotechnology Centre (PEC). He faced a roadblock, however. There is a long waiting list to get into this very popular program. What was he to do? He spoke with Yolande Rousse, Centre Secretary, who suggested that Cory enroll in the Telecommunications program as he waited for his spot in the Electricity program. Why? Both programs share a common core of courses. By enrolling in Telecommunications, he would not need to repeat these courses in Electricity and the program would take 7 months to complete, instead of 16 months.

In 2018 Cory Minott started the Telecommunications program. He loved the program, teachers and staff at PEC. In 2019, his hard work and perseverance were recognized.  Cory was invited to join other students and special guests at the Adult Learners’ Gala held at the school board head office. 

In December 2019, Cory graduated from the Telecommunications program. As he waited for the Electricity program to start, this father of 4 tried self-employment. He’s been doing installation and repair of telecommunications equipment. He was slated to start Electricity in May 2020. Then the coronavirus pandemic hit. The centre is currently re-evaluating all programs’ start dates. When the new dates are announced, Cory will attend the orientation session and then embark on his longstanding dream of becoming an electrician. He knows that when the program starts, he’ll be 7 short months away from realizing his dream. Well done, Cory!

Are you interested in the Telecommunications program? Here is some useful information:

Length of program: 16 months

Key competencies learned:

  • VOIP/telephony
  • Installation of fibre optic cables
  • Structured cabling
  • RF
  • Microwave
  • Cellular communications
  • Electronics

What qualities does a good telecommunications technician have?

  • Enjoys working with his/her hands,
  • Shows initiative,
  • Has a professional attitude,
  • Has good people skills, and
  • Has an aptitude for problem-solving.

With over 60 industry partners, PEC offers its students a unique opportunity to interact with and get hired by industry leaders. These partners offer stages to PEC students. The stage (internship) is an essential part of the program and allows students the opportunity to put their newly acquired skills into practice. The starting salary for telecommunications technicians is approximately $45,000 and increases from there.

PEC can help you reach your career goals!

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