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Pastry and Bread Making programs offered in Pointe-Claire

PACC Career Centre is home to the Pearson School of Culinary Arts (PSCA), our renowned culinary school. In 2017, the school was mentioned in Maclean's magazine as one of the best culinary schools in Canada. In 2011, the school opened a campus in Pointe-Claire on Seignory Avenue. The first program offered at the Pointe-Claire campus was Pastry Making

Pastry Making is a very popular program. It is offered during the day and gives students access to the same state-of-the-art facilities and top-notch instructors as those in the program at PSCA in LaSalle. The program lasts 12 months and not only teaches students the latest pastry-making techniques, but it also gives students the opportunity to participate in Alternance Travail Études (ATE) a program that involves alternating studies with working in industry internships throughout the program.

The Pastry Making program teaches students to prepare, cook, decorate, and present pastries and desserts. Students explore the latest trends and techniques in the fine art of pastry making. The next Pastry Making program starts on April 15.

Bread Making program coming in February!

Starting on February 10, the campus will also offer the Bread Making program. The Bread Making program lasts 7 months and is offered during the day. Like the Pastry students, the Bread Making students also have access to ATE. This is a wonderful opportunity to practice their new skills in industry. 

The Pointe-Claire campus is ideally located for students unable to travel to LaSalle to pursue their training. The centre is easily accessible by public transportation. The 200 bus drops students off nearby at Stillview and Hymus. The 203 bus drops students off in front of the Lakeshore General Hospital. Both options are an easy walk to the campus. For those who drive, there is free parking, including charging stations for electric cars.


Use this link to register for any of the programs:§eur=3

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