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West Island Career Centre (WICC) is nestled in the heart of the City of Pierrefonds. The centre offers students educational opportunities in the fields of automobile mechanics, business, and health.

When signing up for a program at WICC, you will join a tight knit community of learners who learn together to reach success. Your daily interactions with fellow classmates and a knowledgeable team of teachers will ensure that you enjoy a rich experience. While taking our programs, not only will you receive the skills necessary to enter the workplace, but you will also make lifelong friends along the way.

WICC programs are taught by teachers who have worked in industry prior to joining the teaching staff. In addition, all laboratories are equipped with the latest equipment used in your field of study. The programs are a mix of theory and practical studies, allowing you to put into practice in the laboratory what you have just learned in the classroom. This teaching approach is designed to help you succeed.

West Island Career Centre is easily reached by car or public transit. The neighbourhood around West Island Career Centre is graced with many large parks including the George Springate Park and Sports Centre, as well as a community library.

There are a number of community resources near West Island Career Centre including Fairview Shopping Centre, a variety of grocery stores, and a CLSC within walking distance from the school. Students have access to cafeteria services that provide snacks and meals. The centre grounds offer green space where students can relax on picnic benches and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.



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The program is fun and interactive which really helps students such as me to be motivated in class. It’s amazing how classes can become like one big, happy family.



JEREMY LIONStudent, Automobile Mechanics

The best is the teamwork experience. It’s wonderful how staying in the same group throughout the program, we all became a great group of friends – quick to help one another.


TINA CROSSGraduate, Assistance in Health Care Facilities

Wherever I look for work, they ask me for Canadian experience and bilingualism. In my experience at WICC the teachers have been very patient and comprehensive and the program is doable for me as an immigrant. I tell my friends that learning here is rewarding.


RANDA YOUSSEFStudent, Medical Office Specialist

The best is working in the lab and getting hands-on experience with my classmates.



ROSEMARY BREYTHERGraduate, Assistance in Health Care Facilities

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April 30

UPDATE: A warm hello to all of our students and followers. The Administration, teachers and staff of the West Island Career centre sincerely hope that you are all well, safe and coping with these extraordinary circumstances as best you can. You are all greatly missed and we cannot wait to see each one of you once we defeat this invisible enemy.

The Ministry of Education is now allowing Professional Centres to offer on-line classes and some practical learning where social distancing guidelines are in place.

WICC’s Business students will soon be contacted to inquire whether they would be eager to resume their studies on-line. This includes the ACCOUNTING, ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONAL, MEDICAL SECRETARY, STARTING A BUSINESS and PROFESSIONAL SALES programs.

Additionally, our Administration and teachers are looking to develop online course structures in tandem with in-Centre practical instruction for our AUTOMOBILE MECHANICS, NURSING ASSISTANCE and HOMECARE ASSISTANCE programs. We will also be contacting students in these programs to advise them on HOW and WHEN to proceed.

Finally, for those you wish to register to our fall programs please go to: https://www.srafp.com

Directives from the Government continue to change and evolve on a daily basis. However, we will continue to work towards providing you with educational alternatives of the highest standard. In these most trying times, your wellbeing is what we care about most. As always, your patience and understanding is truly appreciated.

Again, be safe, continue to self-isolate as best you can, take care of yourself, your family and your friends.

We wish to offer our sincerest gratitude to all healthcare and essential workers providing invaluable services; many of whom are our teachers and students, past and present. Your bravery, diligence and selflessness are a gift to the world and appreciated beyond words. 

Thank you,

Jad Deegan
Centre Director
West Island Career Centre



The Provincial Ministry of Education has compiled a number of online resources to access during this shutdown.

Resources in French: https://ecoleouverte.ca/fr
Resources in English: https://ecoleouverte.ca/en

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