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Our Sommelier Program prepares you for a career in the wine and food industry. The course is for serious wine enthusiasts and experts alike. You’ll learn from highly accomplished instructors, taste fantastic wines, and upon successful completion you will be certified by the Quebec Ministry of Education.

Sommeliers do a variety of tasks from recommending wines and pairing wine and food, answering questions on the vintage and other characteristics of wine, ensuring proper wine service, and making excellent wine recommendations. You will learn all facets of wine and the wine industry including wine service, the marketing of wines, menu creation, and cellar management. You will taste a variety of wines, from new to old world, and learn about wine harvesting, production, and how wine origin impact flavors and types. We offer our students the opportunity for real world experience and networking through our placement program; students work with established businesses as part of their training. As the Quebec Centre of Expertise for the culinary cooking arts, we offer one of the premier Sommelier programs in the province.

Skills you will learn:

  • Wine production
  • Wine tasting and analysis
  • Wine and food pairing
  • Understanding wine agencies and the wine industry

A career in the wine industry
Many high paying jobs are available in the wine industry and wine’s broad appeal means that many of our graduates find careers internationally. Our program is a good fit for restaurateurs or chefs looking to enhance their knowledge of wine products and service.


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The sommelier program is very interesting for people who want to learn more about wine. I did not realize that wine was so complex but when I started to learn about it, it became more and more interesting to me.




We studied how to taste and describe wine in order to serve customers in a professional setting. We learn everything about the grapes starting with the planting of the vine all the way until the wine is bottled. It is exciting because we cover all the main countries and regions that wine comes from.




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