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West Island Career Centre (WICC) is committed to creating a safe, caring and professional learning environment for all. The Centre provides students educational opportunities in Automobile Mechanics, Business, Construction and Health. 

Whether it be in our fully equipped Automobile Mechanic shops, during remote learning in on-line theory classes, which are offered in all our programs, or our state of the art Health laboratories, WICC continuously strives for excellence in skills-based training. 

Our faculty of educators are experts in a wide range of industry fields. Their knowledge and the cooperative learning atmosphere that is created amongst fellow classmates offers students an exceptional academic experience. 

At West Island Career Centre, not only will you obtain the instructional expertise necessary to enter the workplace, but you will also be joining a wonderful community of lifelong learners, fostering many friendships along the way.




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The program is fun and interactive which really helps students such as me to be motivated in class. It’s amazing how classes can become like one big, happy family.



JEREMY LIONStudent, Automobile Mechanics

The best is the teamwork experience. It’s wonderful how staying in the same group throughout the program, we all became a great group of friends – quick to help one another.


TINA CROSSGraduate, Assistance in Health Care Facilities

Wherever I look for work, they ask me for Canadian experience and bilingualism. In my experience at WICC the teachers have been very patient and comprehensive and the program is doable for me as an immigrant. I tell my friends that learning here is rewarding.


RANDA YOUSSEFStudent, Medical Office Specialist

The best is working in the lab and getting hands-on experience with my classmates.



ROSEMARY BREYTHERGraduate, Assistance in Health Care Facilities

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July 2022

Through remote on-line learning in tandem with in-house exams, laboratory classes, shop classes, and workplace internships, we are committed to offering a professional learning environment tailored to our student’s individual needs where every learner can make informed decisions regarding their future choices while reaching their full academic and professional potential.

That being stated, the wellbeing of the students and staff at W.I.C.C is what we care about most, including adhering to the CNESST’s Workplace Sanitary Standards.

These uncertain times have definitely been challenging in so many ways. However, as we start a “Centre calendar” new year, that will undoubtedly be positive and productive. I look forward to further developing the friendly and respectful relationships which I share with many students. I also anxiously await the opportunity to meet and get to know our incoming students. 

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all members of the West Island Career Centre Community a successful, healthy and safe 2022-23 Centre year.

Jad Deegan
Centre Director

“Learn from yesterday
Live for today
Hope for tomorrow”

-Albert Einstein- 


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